They say it’s better to have one person working with you than to have three people working for you. And while working for someone and working with someone may look the same from a distance, when you get a little closer, you’ll see some pretty significant differences.

Is your team working for you?

When someone is working for you, they require constant direction. Because they are tasked with a small piece of the overall puzzle, they have to go to you for details, clarification, and progress checks. Meanwhile, the time you spend directing someone else is time you’re not working toward your own goals. So in reality, having people working for you can actually slow you down.

When someone is working for you, they will willingly take on the tasks and assignments you give them. But all too often, they go about their days not fully understanding why they are doing these things or what purpose they serve. They are merely taking your orders and following them.

So while they may technically be getting the job done, they aren’t able to offer alternative suggestions, ideas for improvement, or increased efficiencies. In this case, the entire burden of thinking, refining, and strategizing falls on you. When someone is working for you, they are less invested in the work— and the results. The focus is on completion vs. collaboration.


But what if your employees were working with you?

When someone is working with you, they share your goals, your objectives, and your vision. You’re able to discuss the strategy around where you’re going and how you’ll get there. And now you’ve got lots of people contributing ideas. Your team isn’t just taking orders. They’re taking ownership. Now you are collectively working towards something significantly larger than checking items off of a list.

Of course, completing tasks will still be necessary. But instead of one person directing and other people executing, you’ve got a group that’s focused on big picture goals, and the role each task plays in making them happen. Even better, instead of celebrating the mere completion of tasks, you can celebrate because you all understand how these things are moving you closer to your vision.

When someone is working with you, they become a source of greater energy, excitement, and passion. Instead of diverting time and resources, that person becomes an integral part of something bigger— a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Small word, big difference

Having employees who work with you instead of for you can make all the difference in the world for your team— and your organization. It can mean the difference between success and survival; between doing what you do and loving what you do.

If you’re not still convinced, take a quick look around you. The most motivated, passionate, and successful people are not the micromanaging, finger-pointers of the world. They are the empathetic, charismatic leaders and mentors, who have created an environment that people want to be a part of.

And you can bet they have plenty of great people happily working with them.

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