An Update on California Carriers and the Individual Mandate

calendar December 11, 2019

All California health insurers are now offering a one-time Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Californians who need qualifying insurance by January 1. There are conditions for two carriers (see table below to reference the guidelines for your group carrier).

As you may already know, state law will take effect on January 1 requiring Californians to have insurance for themselves and their dependents. If they don’t, they’ll have to pay a penalty.

This will likely affect some of your employees who do not have coverage for 2020. They can sign up for coverage during a one-time SEP to avoid paying a penalty.



Important notes:

If your employees applies for coverage during the one-time SEP, advise them to put the following at the top of their applications: "For SB 78/SEP Enrollment." They can do this unless they're submitting applications for CaliforniaChoice or Blue Shield of California (see the carrier table instructions).


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