Are Your Employees Leaving Your Company or Your Leadership?

calendar June 5, 2018

Good employees are hard to find, and great employees are even harder to come by. When one of them leaves, it hurts. And we’re not just talking about your feelings.

Employee turnover has negative effects on productivity, morale, and your bottom line. Busy HR managers end up with more work on their already full plates, in addition to dealing with the cost and effort that goes into hiring and training new people.

All of this can be even more aggravating when you thought you’d hired that perfect fit. But even the most dedicated employee will consider leaving under the right circumstances.

It’s often said that employees don’t leave bad jobs or companies. They leave bad managers. If you want to hold onto your best team members, you need to provide them with one critical incentive.

Outstanding Leadership

Go-getters like other go-getters. If you hire someone for their awesome skills, outgoing personality, and can-do attitude and then place that excited new hire with a negative boss or in a stagnant department, the honeymoon won’t last very long.

Even if they truly love the company product, goals and/or mission, your high performing employees will soon feel disillusioned if they aren’t given the tools and the leadership necessary to succeed.

So what does great leadership look like? Let’s break it down into 10 key leadership attributes.

Effective leaders:

1.      Lead by example

2.      Are open to new ideas

3.      Empower staff to succeed

4.      Make themselves accessible

5.      Create an inspirational vision

6.      Provide guidance and support

7.      Communicate openly and often

8.      Trust their teams and processes

9.      Recognize and reward hard work

10.  Value their employees as people

In this kind of environment, most employees will feel supported and successful. In addition to giving you their best and sticking around for the long haul, they may even refer other fantastic people to your team.

If your organization is lacking in the leadership department, the very same people in the very same jobs will have a very different experience. Instead of being excited about working with you and encouraging talented friends and colleagues to join them, they’ll be asking their talented friends about their workplace cultures and leadership styles. And potentially jumping ship.

Don’t let lackluster leadership be the reason your hard-earned hires leave. Commit to great leadership and your employees will be more committed to you.