How to Motivate Your Team Through Employee Benefits

calendar December 6, 2018

If you’re introducing a new initiative in your company, you understand the significance of getting your team onboard. After all, the success of the initiative is largely dependent on the level of team motivation and support.

Unfortunately, when we introduce something new, we often focus only on why it’s important for the business that the initiative is successful. And we leave out other possible motivational factors.

Sure, your team has a tangible stake in the success of your organization. But the company is only one of several areas of motivation for the various individuals on your team. The other four areas include society, customer, team, and self.

It takes all kinds of Employee benefits to motivate

If you were to divide everyone on your team up by their primary motivating forces, you'd likely end up with a pretty even number of people in each category. If you want your entire team to get behind your cause, you'll need to communicate the potential impacts that new initiative will have based on each key area of motivation.

For example, let’s say you’re going to invest in a new sales technology. To make sure you’re appealing to everybody, you’ll need to address each of the five motivational factors as you approach and communicate the change.

1.) You may start with the fact that increased sales are necessary due to poor organizational growth over the past X number of months or years. To get the company back on a positive track, there is a need to invest in, and commit to, this new technology. This will speak to your company motivated individuals.

2.) Having made that point, you might go on to explain how, because of low (or no) growth, company profitability has suffered, and you will no longer be able to contribute generously to the community or causes your employees care about. This will resonate with those motivated by society.

3.) You could also talk about how the new technology platform will provide a much more customer-focused process, ensuring your ability to acquire great customers and keep them happy with enhanced customer service and experience. Your customer motivated people will relate to this.

4.) Of course, you’ll want to explain how departments and teams will benefit from the new technology, which will allow everyone to work more efficiently and build more effective team processes and structures. Those motivated by team will see the beauty in this.

5.) Finally, you could appeal to individuals in your organization by clarifying how the results of this new technology will lead to increased financial incentives and/or career growth opportunities for everyone involved. And now you’ve got your self-motivated folks on board.

Offer the full meal deal as an additional employee benefits

For any organizational initiative to be successful, you have to ensure the broadest level of support possible. If you aren’t taking the time to tap into the various motivational forces as they appeal to everyone in your company, you’re missing opportunities to get everyone on board.

Increase motivations and you will increase buy-in, enthusiasm, and ultimately – success.

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