Is Focusing on Compliance the Secret to Becoming an Employer of Choice?

calendar May 30, 2019

Some businesses think that compliance is all about following rules and staying out of trouble. But smart companies know that building a culture of compliance can lead to happier, more productive employees and a pool of high-quality job candidates when it comes time to hire.

A healthy compliance mindset doesn’t just lead to reduced risk. It also builds healthier employee relationships and leads to a healthier bottom line.

A shift in thinking

Industry rules and regulations are a fact of life for business owners but how you approach these things can be a difference maker in your business.

Many organizations choose to think about compliance as set of systems and policies designed to help keep employees in check. Doing so often results in micromanaging behaviors via fear-based incentives, trying to control employees through threats and punishment, and managing with a culture of discipline.

Businesses who are willing to shift their thinking here stand a lot to gain in the way of company culture. Viewing compliance as another way to take care of your people and your business will transform compliance from a scary checklist into helpful tool used to make your workplace safer and more pleasant for everyone.

That subtle shift in mindset will help you accomplish the following:

  • Make your business a more desirable place to work
  • Entice candidates to seek you out and join your team
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity

When you stop thinking of compliance as the enemy, you start seeing all of the ways it can help you out.

What’s your approach?

Think about your current mindset. Is compliance something you dread or is it something you embrace?

Now, let’s consider some approaches to various aspects of compliance you may have taken, heard, or witnessed in your organization.


Is your main goal to avoid expensive litigation? Or is it to create a healthy workplace where everyone feels comfortable and respected?


Are you following EEO practices because you’re afraid of being sued? Or are you committed to fostering a diverse workforce with a variety of talents, viewpoints, and experiences?


Do you worry about payroll accuracy because a mistake will cost you back pay plus any added fines and penalties? Or do you value your employees and want to make sure they feel appreciated and get paid correctly?

Employee benefits

Are you offering health insurance, sick time, and leave options because the law says you have to? Or do you want to invest in keeping your employees happy, healthy, and productive?


Are you concerned about data security because breaches are expensive and there are fines for releasing confidential information? Or do you truly care about your employees as people and want to protect them and their families?

Risk management

Are you checking the OSHA boxes because you’re terrified of the cost of a fine or accident? Or are you genuinely committed to making sure everyone on staff makes it home safely after their shift?

The approach you take to compliance says a lot about the approach you take to running your business and taking care of your employees. If you’ve been looking at compliance as nothing more than a rigid set of rules you have to follow, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Expanding your view

Short-sighted businesses may choose to view compliance as a necessary tool to control staff and protect the organization from costly fines and litigation. Unfortunately, merely wanting to avoid claims and fees isn’t a very inspiring motivation.

On the other hand, innovative, big-picture organizations that choose to make compliance a natural extension of their business philosophy and strategy will:

  • Find opportunities to align their compliance practices with their purpose, values, and vision.
  • Look beyond the rules to see why they are important and how they can support the things that matter to their employees.
  • Associate good compliance practices with good business.

In doing so, they will build a culture that people want to be part of.

Businesses that willingly embrace compliance as an opportunity to live out their people-focused values will build the best cultures and attract the best talent.

Why not be one of them?


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