calendar November 6, 2018

Almost all California employers are exposed to the risk of inspections and citations for violation of Cal/OSHA regulations. The most widespread violation relates to companies not having an effective Illness & Injury Prevention plan - referred to as a General Violation.

In the past 12 months Cal/OSHA has implemented many new and broader regulations. And now, the painful result falls on employers because implementation of these new rules is their responsibility. That's right, the deadline for implementation is on YOU!

Cal/OSHA is now canvassing companies to verify whether companies have implemented the new (CAL/OSHA) California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations. When they arrive at your facility, they want to see evidence that you have fully implemented a Safety Program - see specific details being validated: Violation Fines.

Guest post by Don DresslerCombined partner with CalWorkSafety to help clients comply with Cal/OSHA regulations every by helping them prevent work accidents and saves on workers' compensation costs. For more information send an email to: 

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