Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

calendar May 24, 2021
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All adults in the United States are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. With vaccine distribution reaching the general public, a growing proportion of the workforce is now vaccinated. In turn, many of these vaccinated employees have also received a vaccine card.

It’s worthwhile for employers to understand what COVID-19 vaccine cards are and what uses they may have in the workplace. This article provides an overview of COVID-19 vaccine cards and considerations for supporting employees that have COVID-19 vaccine cards.

Overview of Vaccine Cards

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccinated individual should be given a vaccine card. A vaccine card lists which vaccine was given, how many doses, the date(s) received and where it was administered. If receiving a two-dose vaccine, the individual would receive a card after their first dose and then have it updated upon receiving their second dose.

Notably, as part of return-to-work plans, some workplace vaccination policies may ask employees to verify their vaccination status. Commonly, vaccine cards are used for verification.

Helping Employees Keep Their Cards Safe

As vaccine cards may potentially be needed both in the workplace and for activities outside of work, it’s important that vaccinated employees keep their vaccine cards safe. Employers can consider proactive steps to help ensure employees aren't left without copies of their vaccine cards.

These steps include:

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