[HR Toolkit] Succession Planning

calendar November 12, 2019
| 1 Minute Read

Succession Planning Toolkit

It is always a pain to find new employees to fill in key positions that need to be filled. It can take lots of time, work, and choice to be able to again find the right candidate for the job. That's why it's important to have succession planning.

Succession planning aims to ensure that a company will be able to carry out missions and meet company goals in the future—even after current key members are no longer with the organization. In simple terms, succession planning is the identification and development of potential successors for key positions in an organization.

While HR doesn't always have to be apart of creating the succession planning program, they are responsible for its implementation.

This toolkit serves as an introduction to succession planning, highlights some of the best practices regarding succession planning and offers tips unique to both family business and CEO succession planning.