Employer’s Guide to Open Enrollment 2022

calendar January 1, 1970
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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has highlighted the importance of health care benefits. Given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many enrollees are increasingly conscious of having appropriate health care coverage. But even with all of the information that is available, many employees still feel confused, anxious or stressed about making the right benefit choices. 


You could say that choosing healthcare is one of the most important decisions employees have to make. At Combined HCM, one of our main goals is to properly prepare you to ensure your team members thoroughly understand and utilize your new and existing healthcare and benefit offerings. Studies show that if your team members are educated and empowered, they are much more likely to participate, and maybe even enjoy, the open enrollment process. To that end, we've created an easily digestible e-book.

Say hello to the Employer's Guide to Open Enrollment 2022: Four Trends and Strategies to Engage Your Workforce.

Challenges that are addressed:

  • Employee Expectations 
  • Hybrid working model
  • Mental health
  • Communication 
  • Aligning benefits with changing needs
  • And more.

Download this informative e-book and use it as a guide to create a more effective, hassle-free onboarding program for the benefit of both your new hires and your organization!

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