Overtime Concerns for Employees with Mobile Devices

calendar June 23, 2020
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Overtime Concerns for Employees with Mobile Devices

The increasing use of mobile devices has reshaped working practices worldwide. By staying connected to their offices, employees have been able to become more productive and more valuable to their employers. It’s not unusual to find individuals checking their email during their morning commute or preparing a report from a coffee shop.

However, this increased connectivity can be a source of concern for employers and employees alike. Employees worry about the amount of time they spend working outside the office. Employers worry about overtime liabilities that may arise when employees work remotely during unconventional hours.

Ironically, this changing dynamic is still regulated by legislation that has not changed much in the last 50 years. Still, a careful consideration of overtime provisions and exceptions under applicable law can help employers avoid the liability that may arise when employees work beyond the traditional nine-to-five schedule.

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