Using Technology in Learning and Development

calendar April 12, 2021
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Using Technology in Learning and Development 

By leveraging technology in learning and development efforts, employers can help engage employees, improve the employee experience and create efficiencies in learning and development.
As organizational needs accelerate and evolve, it’s important that employees also have the necessary skills to succeed. A tech-enabled learning and development strategy can also address today’s talent shortages and skills gaps.
This article explores technology trends and how technology can shape and streamline learning and development initiatives.

Why It Matters

Nearly three-quarters of workers in the United States are not engaged. Engaged employees are more than just satisfied with their jobs—they are committed to the organization and its goals. They have passion, pride and energy for their work and their employer, and are willing to go the extra mile on a regular basis. Ultimately, they have the confidence and skills necessary to do their jobs. Employees who are truly engaged stay because they enjoy their work and support the company. One way for employers to help ensure employees feel supported and valued in the workplace is to offer learning and development opportunities.
Consider the following benefits of leveraging technology for workplace initiatives:
  • Increased motivation and ownership
  • Expanded collaboration
  • Improved productivity
  • Stronger sense of community and purpose
  • Greater flexibility
  • Enhanced accessibility

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