Communicating With Employees About COVID-19 Vaccines

calendar February 8, 2021
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Communicating with Employees about COVID-19 Vaccines

Employee communications related to the pandemic have played a major role in keeping employees safe and healthy while navigating operational changes and challenges. Now, the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines have become available after the Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization for two vaccines. As initial supplies of COVID-19 vaccines are allocated for people in certain groups, employers can and should begin planning for when the general public has access.
More than 70% of Americans say they will get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Although the vaccines are exciting to most, the topic can also present challenges for employers as they decide whether vaccination will be encouraged or required—and ultimately how to get buy-in from hesitant employees.
As employers plan to navigate the legal risks and logistics of employee vaccinations, this article explores what, how and when to communicate about COVID-19 vaccines with employees.

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