[Webinar] : Managing Your Workers' Compensation Costs during COVID

calendar November 9, 2020

Please join Don Dressler, Executive Vice President at Partners Personnel, and Peter Sorensen, Vice President of Sales for Partners Personnel, in this highly engaging webinar. Attendees will come away with incredible insight about ___________________________.


Join Don Dressler, founder of CalWorkSafety, as he will be sharing the latest updates on COVID-19, and offer guidance on best practices businesses should consider implementing today to better plan for tomorrow. 


With the onset of a dramatically shifting business environment brought about by the COVID pandemic, businesses are looking for solutions that make them flexible. A blaring disconnect has been revealed in the fluidity of labor -- employment seems to drag weeks, and months behind market demand. What are companies doing to react more quickly to the ups and downs?

Key takeaways include how to communicate and engage your employee’s through:

  • Costs of outsourcing HR
  • Relying less on the traditional "job interview"

And... more. 

Date & Time: October 14, 2020 @ 10:30-11:30 a.m. PST