[Webinar] Cal/OSHA Emergency Rules for COVID-19 

On Monday, Nov. 30, 2020 Cal/OSHA implemented new regulations regarding COVID-19.  Employers must do specific actions and also have a written COVID-19 Prevention Plan.  This is a complex and complicated new rule, on top of many other new rules such as the Governor's Stay at Home Order, announced Dec. 3rd and likely implemented as early as Dec. 7th, local rules from City of Los Angeles, LA County, etc. To help you determine a clear path to safety for your employees and ability to operate your business, please join us for this crucial webinar, hosted by Don Dressler, Attorney and Risk Management Consultant. 


  1. 1. The new Cal/OSHA emergency safety standards re: COVID-19 
  2. 2. What actions employers must take NOW
  3. 3. The different orders and regulations and when they become effective 
      • Cal/OSHA COVID-19 emergency regulations 

      • AB 685 - COVID-19 and Cal/OSHA 

      • Governor's Regional Stay at Home Order issued on 12/3/2020

      • LA City and County COVID-19 orders

      • Governors' curfew order

      • Workers' compensation requirements regarding COVID-19  

  1. 4. Penalties for breaking these orders and regulations.