[Webinar] Employee Retention Tax Credit

As companies re-open their offices, a number of new laws, procedures and practical concerns must be addressed.  The American Rescue Plan has provided companies with tax incentives to maintain employee headcounts, and while those incentives could be an asset to companies as we move forward, a number of additional concerns relating to COVID should be considered.  New legislation adding additional paid leave hours for COVID related reasons has just been passed in California.  Companies should be wary not only of these new laws, but also of the tricky landscape relating to re-opening, mandatory vaccinations for in-office work, and the potential implications of speech and activity relating to vaccines and other cultural and social topics facing employees as workplaces reopen. 

Please join us on April 8, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. PST as we discuss the Employee Retention Credit under the American Rescue Plan and related legal issues impacting a return to the workplace in the post-COVID world.  

Discussion topics will include:

-The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

-SB 95 and Supplemental Paid Leave

-Vaccines and Returning to Work

-Political Speech, Affiliation and Potential Pitfalls in the Return to Work in the Post-COVID Environment

-Employee Retention Tax Credit under the American Rescue Plan.

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