Got recruitment challenges?
We’ve got solutions

Amid the ongoing pandemic, businesses across the globe have been met with new recruitment challenges. However, an established hiring process can turn these challenges into opportunities.

Big solutions for small businesses

At Combined HCM, we recognize that small to mid-sized businesses need access to comprehensive technology to improve efficiencies, accelerate results and facilitate a successful recruitment process.

Streamlined Applicant Tracking

If you are looking to boost your recruiting and hiring efforts, we invite you to watch the recorded webinar to learn more about Attract & Hire, our powerful modern applicant tracking solution that’s fully scalable to help businesses, like yours, streamline the process.

With Attract & Hire, you can:

  • Improve the quality of hire by adding pre-screening criteria, saving you a significant amount of time
  • Increase applicant pool by posting to thousands of job boards in a single click (including non-profit, college job boards, etc.)
  • Reduce time to hire by streamlining communication between hiring managers and candidates
  • Improve your brand and reputation by providing a better candidate experience
  • And so much more!